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“Lucky Draw” Smishing Campaign Asks Money to Deliver Car Prize


A new smishing campaign, or text message phishing campaign, is targeting Nokia owners in India. These text messages pretend to be from Nokia and state that the recipient has won a lucky draw to win a car or money.

In a forum post made by a Nokia staff member, Nokia is warning users to ignore any text messages that claim to be from Nokia that state that the customer has won a lucky draw. 

Nokia Warning
Warning from Nokia

These text messages state that the recipient has won either a Tata Safari or 1,260,000 Indian Rupees and must call them to pay 6,500 Rs in order to collect the prize.  The text messages themselves claim to be from “Nokia.com online shopping pvt Ltd.co” and are filled with grammatical errors and other inconsitencies that would make it surprising that anyone would fall for this scam.

Fake Nokia Lucky Draw Text
Fake Nokia Lucky Draw Text

The text message in all its grammatical glory can be read below.

Welcome to Nokia.com online shopping pvt LTD.co.
Dear sir,
Nokia.com you are a product mangopeople onlione shopping results are out in the selected for name of mansoon-luckky drwo your name to open the luckky drw.you have two options.
1st ot Tata safari
2nd is Payment of Rs 1260000/-The charge of Registration service is RS-6500/-

Nokia has stated that customers who receive these alerts can contact 18001028169 or support@hmdglobal.com for further questions.

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