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USN-3914-2: NTFS-3G update | Ubuntu security notices

17 April 2019

ntfs-3g update

A security issue affects these releases of Ubuntu and its derivatives:

  • Ubuntu 18.10
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


A hardening measure was added to NTFS-3G.

Software Description

  • ntfs-3g – read/write NTFS driver for FUSE


USN-3914-1 fixed vulnerabilities in NTFS-3G. As an additional hardening
measure, this update removes the setuid bit from the ntfs-3g binary.

Original advisory details:

A heap buffer overflow was discovered in NTFS-3G when executing it with a
relative mount point path that is too long. A local attacker could
potentially exploit this to execute arbitrary code as the administrator.

Update instructions

The problem can be corrected by updating your system to the following package versions:

Ubuntu 18.10
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

To update your system, please follow these instructions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/Upgrades.

In general, a standard system update will make all the necessary changes.


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