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Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit 2019 Highlights

Acunetix held a stand at the Spring Edition of the Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit 2019 that took place on May 23-24, 2019 on the ‘Blockchain Island’ of Malta, at the Hilton Business Centre.

The event was very well received. It brought together over 5,500 attendees specialized in blockchain, artificial intelligence, quantum technology, big data, and the Internet of things. Albert Feng, Regional Sales Manager for Acunetix and a specialist in blockchain, represented the company along with his colleagues.

Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit 2019

Damian Fearnley (Regional Sales Manager), Albert Feng (Regional Sales Manager), Dan McClean (Enterprise Sales), and Piet Lambregts (Account Executive)

Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit 2019

Dan McClean (Enterprise Sales), Tamara Naudi (Marketing Manager), Oksana Pure (Marketing Manager), Damian Fearnley (Regional Sales Manager), and Jay Power (Talent Acquisition)

Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit 2019

At Acunetix, we are delighted to be part of such events and provide web vulnerability management software to secure blockchain-related websites.

Read an interview with Albert Feng for the Times of Malta.

OksanaPureOksana Pure Marketing Manager

Oksana Pure is a Marketing Manager at Acunetix. She is a world citizen, having worked in Australia, Latvia, France and now Malta. An experienced marketing professional, she is interested in branding, online marketing, and communications.

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