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Windows 10 File Explorer Bugs to be Fixed After Holidays

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Microsoft is working on fixes for various search-related bugs in File Explorer that were introduced when Windows 10 1909 was released.

With the release of Windows 10 version 1909, Microsoft integrated Windows Search directly into the File Explorer so that results are automatically shown as you perform a search.

File Explorer Search
File Explorer Search

With this new feature, new bugs were also introduced that cause File Explorer to hang, the search box to become blurry, the search field to become unresponsive, and takes away the ability to right-click in the search field.

When users have expressed concern about how long it is taking to resolve these issues, Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc stated that they will look into the issue. As it is the holidays and this is not a critical issue, it will most likely not be addressed until after the holidays. 


While this bug does not appear to be a huge priority for Microsoft, developers have been working on a fix.

In the release notes for the Windows 10 Insider build 19013 released in November, Microsoft states that they have fixed the bug making the File Explorer’s search box unclickable.

“We fixed an issue where you could get into a state where it wasn’t possible to set focus to File Explorer’s search box in order to type your query.”

In the release notes for Windows 10 Insider build 19536 released in December, Microsoft also states that they are making it possible to right-click in the search field to remove entries.

“We’ve updated the new File Explorer search experience to enable you to remove previous searches via an option if you right click the entry in the dropdown.”

It is not known when Microsoft will push the fixes out to Windows 10 1909, but hopefully, they will be properly tested in the Insider builds before being pushed out to release versions.

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